Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Turkey Vultures in the Cow Pasture...

It must be SPRING here in

Western Oregon...

The Turkey Vultures are back!

We were out checking on the cows and calves

 this morning...

The turkey vultures are perched 

on the fence posts...

I have been trying for years to get a close up view

of these beautiful birds...

I had my Canon 50X along today

and it zoomed in and captured the birds

having a solar bath...

They spread their wings...

it dries them out and also bakes off the bacteria

on their feathers

The zoom lens allowed me to stay far enough 

away so we observed natural behavior...

They stretch out their wings farther and farther...

Turkey Vultures are not predatory birds, they only eat dead things, they are the clean up crew for the earth.  They are peaceful and gentle birds with a huge wing span. They are so beautiful flying up in the sky on the thermals.

The Turkey Vultures will be here 

through September.

I filmed the Turkey Vultures sunning 

themselves on the fence posts....

video is below....enjoy!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Oh my goodness, those birds look huge!! Hugs,

  2. Did you know....can't believe I asking if you know this as you are my hero and know SO much about animals!....but you can put a pencil all the way through a turkey vultures nostrils! A wildlife person brought birds to a show and this was something he did! Geezzz...

  3. What amazing photos. I don't know all that much about Turkey Vultures, but have enjoyed seeing them. My only concern right now is that they are not on your property because of the baby cows. I hope they do no harm, but I'm a wee bit worried.


  4. So, so cool. I had no idea. I'm so happy you posted this fab video!

  5. Turkey Vultures are not predatory birds, they don't kill for their food. They only eat dead things, they are the clean up crew for the earth. They are peaceful and gentle birds. I enjoy watching them fly and glide up on the thermals way up in the sky....they have amazing wings.

  6. I have so enjoyed literally seeing the birth of Spring through your blog. THANK YOU for sharing your little piece of heaven on earth with us.

  7. What a great post! I had to re-post it myself.

  8. The turkey vultures just showed up here in New Mexico too. Have to appreciate their place in the natural order of things and how beautiful they really are. Love seeing the new calves too!

  9. Totally awesome birds!! I have never seen a turkey vulture...I haven't seen any vultures around our farm, just hawks and ravens along with the song birds. The clean-up crew around our farm are the coyotes but unfortunately they will kill our chickens and cats...I'm sure they would take my Chihuahua too but I don't give them that opportunity!! What an interesting quilt it would be if you could recreate them taking their solar bath on the fence posts!! This year we have an abundance of mule and white tail deer in our parts - my husband surprised one almost on our back porch tonight when he got home!

  10. Great shots of TVs, I only see them in flight here on Vancouver Island BC.