Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quilting.......Baby Quilt

We are expecting a new baby in our family...

My niece is expecting a baby boy!

She is decorating the nursery with farm animals.

I found this fabric panel in my cupboard...
I bought it from Daisy Kingdom 12 years ago.

Daisy Kingdom......Tractor Teddy Quilt Panel

Quilt Panels are fast and FUN!
They are a great way to try out new
quilting techniques you want to experiment with.

I want to try the Bump-Back method of feathers.
With a panel, I can relax and try this feathering technique.

This Variations Teddy Brown Variegated Thread
should be just right on this fabric panel.

This $5 fabric panel quilted up nicely...

I fumbled around stitching out the 
in the border, but became more comfortable with the
technique by the time I was all done.

I stitched random plumes into the interior portion
of the quilt...

I wanted to put lots of stitching into this quilt
so it will hold up after years of washing.

I chose a black print fabric for the binding.

Once the label is sewn on,
I can get this in the mail to my niece.

CLICK HERE to view the Label

I wasn't alone while I stitched today...

The yearling cattle are just outside the Thread Shed...

They are good company for me while I sew!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


Nicole said...

Wow, LuAnn! You're quilting is amazing. I'm sure your nephew with cherish this quilt for years to come.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Fantastic feathers and a lovely quilt. Love it :)

Pat said...

Beautiful quilting! I would like to "fumble around" this well! :)

Vicki W said...

Practice and a gift all in one. Perfect!

treadle said...

Yes...I want to "fumble around" this well also!! LOL...Great job!

Sue said...

Lovely quilt, great job with the quilting!

Lorette Cole said...

LuAnn you are amazing! Love this tutorial on feathers! And this baby will adore this quilt! Love your friends too... Keep up the great work! Some of us may not comment often but we're listening to you and following your blog on a regular basis!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Many Thanks for your comments! Feathers....I just can't keep from them.