Monday, July 30, 2012

Sketch Book.....Stem & Spine Designs

When drawing out a design I usually begin with a

Stem or a Spine

On the left page is a curvy stem
On the right page I have added leaves to the stem

This design is basically the same as the one above.
The stem isn't as curvy, the leaves are larger.

You don't have to add leaves to the stem.
You can add anything you want that will fill the space.

I added curls to this stem/spine:

This design resembles a feathery shape.
Instead of a stem, this would be called a spine.

Left Page....Spine
Right Page.....Curls added to each side of spine.
I start from the bottom of the spine and work my way up.
I add curls to both sides of the spine as I go up.

Left Page.....Spine
Right Page.....Long leaves and Curls

If you are interested in improving your free motion quilting skills, you really should check out
Her instructional videos are the very BEST!

Spider Dahlia

Green Bug.....has taken up residence in spider dahlia

 I went to visit Gramma B today...

I wasn't her only visitor...

This mama raccoon and her babies wandered into the yard...

I was able to take a few photos through the window...

Enjoy your day!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
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