Saturday, October 22, 2011

Challenge Quilt 2011.....Part 2

6 weeks ago I began my challenge quilt...

This Memory Album was my inspiration:

I just love this color story...

I decided to do some sun printing ...

I think I matched the colors fairly well to the album

Here it is 6 weeks later and I am finally
getting back to the prints:

I used scraps of white fabric to print on,
so they are all odd ball sizes...

I decided to pull out some of my surface design
fabrics I have created the last couple of years...

Maybe some of these will find their way into
the challenge quilt?

I started to trim the odd ball sun prints:


This is where I am now...
The blocks don't fit into rows because they are
odd ball sizes.
I think with some partial seams this will work.

This is a gorgeous fabric I purchased from

It is just begging to be included in this quilt...

Here are a few of my hand dyes pinned on the wall:

Vicki's hand dye is on the left...

This challenge has a big REVEAL
on December 12, 2011

I can't show you much more at this point

I will show you bits and pieces here and there
as I finish this.....stay tuned.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. It is going to be lovely. I too am working on a challenge and really want to blog about it but haven't because it is supposed to stay a secret and boy is that hard when I want to share it with my friends and blog readers.

  2. Your sun prints are spectacular! Of course everything you do is spectacular!

  3. I love seeing the process from your inspiration to the point you shared with us. GREAT colors!! :)

  4. LuAnn, I'm a fan of all of it. Lovely coming together of all the perfect parts. I too love Vicki's fabrics btw!

  5. It's already spectacular! I cannot imagine how fabulous the completed piece will be! I love the richness of the colors. Eagerly looking forward to seeing your progress.