Monday, October 24, 2011

Winding Ways........Piecing the Rows

Winding Ways aka Wheel of Mystery

This was up on the design wall all summer.
I took it down so I could get to work designing my
2011 Challenge Quilt:

I pieced 4 rows together this morning.
They are all pressed on the ironing board.

There are 4 more rows to piece.
They are on the back table by my sewing machine.

All 56 of the 10 inch blocks
were sewn by hand while I traveled.
This was one of my take-along-quilts.

The blocks are simple to piece...
but tricky when it comes to which way you press the seams!

I developed this pressing technique to allow the blocks
to lay perfectly flat after pressing...
I snipped the seams half way through the curve,
which allows the seam to press either way.

This pressing technique allows the quilt to
lay flat as a sheet of paper, like you see in the image above.

Here are the last 4 rows to piece together...
My work for the afternoon.

Piecing the rows is not for the faint of heart...
especially if you don't like to pin.

Intensive pinning every 4 inches to keep all of the
points and seams aligned.

I will post more images when I begin the design work
on the borders.......stay tuned!

Suzy the Quilting Doggie
You haven't seen little Suzy on this blog for quite awhile...
She spent the day with me piecing this quilt.
She napped under the sewing machine in her bed.

Suzy is 16+ years old.
In this last year she has become blind, deaf and suffers from dementia.
She no longer knows who I am and is scared from my touch.
It has been months since she would stay out in the Thread Shed with me.
Today she gave me the gift of her company while I sewed.
It was a good day.....for both of us.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Sheila said...

Beautiful quilt and I like how you have found a great solution to pressing those curved seams , gorgeous.

Denise :) said...

What a gorgeous quilt that is -- I hope to see that one in a major show sometime in the near future. It's simply beautiful. And your poor Suzy -- she's had a tough last year. I'm glad yesterday was a good one for you both!! :)

Dolores said...

Our dog is old, going blind and deaf and also suffers from dementia. We got him from the pound over 3 years ago so we are not sure of his age (the vet estimated 9 or 10 then). I do feel sorry for him because of the dementia but he is healthy otherwise.