Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Sixteen.....All settled in

The Sweet Sixteen
is set up in the table and ready to Quilt

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We brought the Sweet Sixteen home over a
week ago and it is finally settled in to the Thread Shed

It sits across the work table from the Bernina

It has 2 side tables...
They open up to create a 6 foot wide quilting space

The table is very slick and slippery...
The quilts will just glide along the surface during quilting

This is the view as you sit down to quilt...
I like working from this side of the machine

Touch Screen
My favorite part of the Sweet Sixteen

It is so easy to adjust the tension in
the needle thread and the bobbin thread

I am working fast and furious to put the final touches on
4 quilt tops I have in progress...

They will be under the needle soon...
and we can let her stretch her legs!

Gunnr isn't as impressed with the Sweet Sixteen
as he is with the new rug in the Thread Shed!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. Looking forward to seeing your work. I looked at the HQ longarm and liked way it stitched, but decided on a Homesteader.

  2. Enjoy! I got my Sweet Sixteen in August. I love it!

  3. What fun!

    I pick up my Inspira quilting froma this weekend and am looking forward to playing with it!

  4. I love that Sweet 16..may you have many hours of quilting fun with it...I also love the batik quilt...very pretty