Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Motion Darning Feet......Improved

Check out this line up of
Free Motion/Darning Feet:

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These sewing machine feet have been altered
to improve visibility during free motion quilting.

My favorite guy snipped out the front section on the
plastic foot with wire cutters.
(He normally fixes fence with his wire cutters, but they worked great for this too!)

There is no longer plastic in the front of the foot to
obscure visibility during free motion quilting.

Singer 301 Darning Foot
Yes, he even cut the front out of this foot.
It worked like a charm.

Check out this visibility!

When my mother in law found out we were altering
free motion feet, she ran right down with hers!

Here she is with Gunnr:

Gunnr just had to see what was going on at the
kitchen table.

Speaking of Gunnr:

He spent the weekend in Nevada
on the 14th floor of the Nugget Casino

He was a polite hotel guest and enjoyed his stay!
He was a bit disappointed to find out he could not
go see Glen Campbell with us.

To view a video tutorial of altering your
Free Motion or Darning Feet

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Margaret Applin said...

LuAnn - I'm excited to check out your blogs!! I wanted to get in touch with you about donating some screens for your upcoming demonstration. E-mail me at free2design@comcast.net so I can get your mailing information. Thanks for joining the giveaway!!!!

Mimi said...

Loved the video and idea. Did you use the rubber band too. i have so much trouble with that foot on my Janome that I definately am going to try this.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Mimi,

No, I didn't use the rubber bands. The increased visibility was enough for me. My Bernina has a metal darning foot with a cut out in the front, so I knew altering the plastic feet for my other machines was definitely something I wanted.

Good Luck!