Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making Hay...

Gotta make hay....when the sun shines!

Here in Western Oregon we haven't seen a lot of sunshine

Click Images to Enlarge:

Mowing hay in the Bend Field

Brad is mowing while Nicholas gets off the tractor to have some lunch

Suzy and I stopped by to bring the guys iced tea

Suzy loves to check out all the mole hills in the hay fields

Grass after it has been mowed...
This will lay out in the sun and dry for a day or two.

Middle Field.......Mowed

After the grass dries...
it will be raked into rows and baled.

Changing Drivers...
Nicholas is done with lunch, so gets back on to finish mowing the Bend Field

Suzy is headed for home...

I guess it is time for me to go too.

I painted fabric today.
I will post photos tomorrow...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Lynn Weathers said...

I really enjoy the farm posts. I also live in a farming area. We don't farm but have many friends who do.

I've been thinking about what I like about the posts and I believe it is the artfully taken photos, usually in sequence. The landscape in your area is so beautiful and tranquil looking in the photographs.

This doesn't mean that I don't like the quilty posts. I enjoy those as well. Thank you for sharing.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Lynn,
Glad you are enjoying the hay photos.
I am hoping to get out to the hayfield today with my camera.....the hay has been raked into rows....makes for a great photo op.
I am also hoping to get the painted fabric hung on the line and take photos...
My Best To You,
LuAnn in Oregon