Monday, July 5, 2010

Painted Fabric Results...

I painted fabric a few days ago...

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The majority of it dried quickly in the sun...

I wasn't able to show you the results of the last few pieces that were painted late in the day...

Remember this clean-up cloth?

Clean Up Cloth dried and pressed...

Detail of Clean-Up Cloth

The metallic gold paint was heavier and settled into the lower portions of the scrunched up fabric.

Clean-Up Cloths are my favorites!
Maybe I should just forget everything else and just make clean-up cloths?

This is the piece I painted with bubble wrap underneath it.
I painted this late in the day, with little sunshine left in the sky.
It never really dried properly, and I brought it indoors for the night.
I had to finish drying it in the morning sun the next day.

I want to try this technique again in the bright sunshine of the afternoon.
I think I will get more defined texture when this dries quickly in the hot sun.

Bubble Wrap Painted Piece
You can see circular patterns in the cloth

Detail of Bubble Wrap Piece

This was the piece that I sprinkled with ground up walnut shells.
It was one of my last pieces, and it was late in the day, with very little sunshine left to dry and sun dye this piece...

It never dried properly, and I had to bring it into the Thread Shed.
It was still wet the next morning....not what I hoped for.
I want to try this technique again in the hot day sun.

Walnut Shells
You can see a pale shadowing of the walnut shell design

Detail of Walnut Shells
The ground up shells give the fabric a grainy texture

I brought home some sand from the beach a few days ago...
I want to try sprinkling sand on painted fabric and see what happens.

That will have to wait until the Fabric Painting Workshop here on Thursday...
Stay Tuned!

Sunshine has finally arrived here in Western Oregon

Time to work in the flowerbeds...

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After all the weeding was done...
It was time to set up the soaker hoses

The sun was shining at the perfect angle and you can really see the water spraying from the soaker hoses...

After a day of pulling weeds...
it was rewarding to see the flowerbed looking so pretty.

Tomorrow.....more of the same.

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