Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilting & Blooms

Quilting and 105 degree Weather...

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We have had temperatures over 100 degrees this week.
Rare for the Coastal Mountain Range of Western Oregon.
I have spent a few mornings quilting at 5am to beat the heat of the day.

This is the last of the 3 BIG flowers to be machine quilted.
I couldn't resist putting some hot pink thread on those black flower petals.

It has cooled down today, so I am hoping to get a few hours of quilting in tonight, maybe even finish this quilt...

Monday I found this star shaped metal gear in a thrift store...
I am becoming obsessed with all things RUSTY.

Tuesday I put the metal star onto some fabric soaked in vinegar, along with a few horse shoes from Dancer & Freckles....the start of a new rust dye piece.

I scraped out the rust from the bottom of Brad's tool box and sprinkled it across the the fabric to add a bit more rust. It is covered up with plastic to keep it moist. I will check it in a few days to see how the rust is transferring to the fabric.

I can dry a load of laundry in an hour in 105 degree temperature!

The new flowerbed behind the house is full of these gorgeous glads

Just love the yellow centers in these pink glads.

Suzy spent the night at the doctor last night.
She had minor surgery.
We brought her home today.
She is recovering nicely.

Black Hollyhocks
Love those star shaped centers!

Hens & Hollyhocks

Pink State Fair Zinnia
This image is a quilt.....waiting to happen!
How fun to do some threadplay on those petals and center.

Star Lily
Yellow with Red Freckles

Dinner plate Dahlia
Yellow with Red Stripes

Dinner plate Dahlia Bud
Just beginning to bloom...

Sweet Peas Blooming

As always, feel free to use these images in your artwork. They have been downloaded at high resolution, and will print out beautifully for you. I would enjoy seeing what you create with them!

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  1. your blog be so nice,and your quilt verry beautifull, sory my english not realy good

  2. Your flowers are delightful. I wish I could grow some hollyhocks here but they will not flourish. I love the quilt you are working on, can you share the pattern name?

  3. Hello Chrisi & Fiesta,
    Thank you for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying the flowers. I am not working from a pattern, this is an original design. I just design as I go and give the quilt what it needs. If you go back to my earlier post on the Bubbles and Blooms quilt I show you a few tips on how I drew the flower petals. The background is pieced from a Disappearing 9 Patch technique. I also share a link for that in the original post.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  4. Wow - what a delightful visit I've had, but I need more time to see MORE! I came via, and her DVDs have given me courage to do my own quilting on my own DSM. Thanks for all the tips I've see so far. AS it happens I was going Walmart shopping to see if 2 folding tables would help me in basting my quilts, and I SEE YOU have the exact same set-up, so I had a good idea! But I'll need somve PVC pipes to raise the table up a bit.

    LOVE the quilt with the D9Patch, and your lively flowers!

    I'll be back and have added you to my Bloglines so I don't miss any of your delightful creations. 8-)

  5. Hello Elaine,
    Patsy Thompson does some incredible machine quilting. I began to purchase her DVD's 2 years ago. I learned more from them than I have learned on my own in the last 20 years! They have had the biggest impact on my free motion quilting. I love her relaxed, easy and supportive teaching style. Patsy is the reason I am spray basting my quilts now. I watched her video, gave it a try.....and it is the ONLY way to baste quilts for me!
    Glad you are enjoying the blog, and thank you for your kind words.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  6. I clicked to enlarge your photo and the quilting is wonderful. You really know how to enhance. It may be hot but your flowers don't seem to mind. I don't know about rust dying. Anxious to see the results.