Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Pleasures...

Glue Gel Resist Technique

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Glue Gel Resist AFTER Washing out Glue

Glue Gel Resist BEFORE washing out glue

I chose to mix Tulip paints in spray bottles and spray the paint directly onto the white muslin fabric. You can also use a paint brush and put the paint in between the glued areas for a more precise look. The technique I use depends on my mood at the time.

Yesterday I spent the day with these two cutie grandnieces came to the farm to spend the day with Annylu. It was just the break I needed from the Thread Shed. I was on burn out from preparing exhibit quilts for the September show.

These little ones gave the porch swing a good work out, then took me down to the river to play in the water. Before they left, they asked if they could go out to the chicken house and pick eggs.........yes, they kept me smiling all day. We made enough memories yesterday that I can live on for weeks.

The bed frames behind the Thread Shed are working out beautifully as fencing to support the tall Dinner Plate Dahlias.......I love the rusted patina that is forming on them also.

The Glads will be blooming soon....

The 6 foot tall hollyhocks are growing straight and tall thanks to the new bed frames giving them support.

This old fireplace screen found at a thrift store reminds me of a Peacock.
It works perfect to keep the dogs out of the flowerbed.

Very juicy orange dinner plate dahlia

Very very red dinner plate dahlia

Wild & Pink Spider Dahlia

As always, please feel free to download and use these flower images in your artwork.
Always glad to share.

The patio out back has tenants: 4 new baby birdlings
The mama keeps them covered up, so it is difficult to get a photo of them.

Gunnr & New Hens

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as Gunnr is!

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn in Oregon

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  1. The grounds of your home are simply beautiful! The bed frames and fireplace screen are perfect adornments that serve good purposes too. How ingenious!

    You make me want to spend time growing flowers! But nah, for me "growing quilts" keeps me plenty busy. Thanks for the lovely peep into your life.

  2. Hi Linda,
    This time of year can be a struggle juggling time for quilting and time for gardening.........I manage to pull it off though.........I completely leave NO time for housework, cooking, laundry......I have an understanding husband, my children are works for me!
    LuAnn in Oregon

  3. This technique looks like fun and very successful. I like your choice of pattern for the resist. Enjoyed your pictures of flowers. Their colors always inspire quilts.

  4. Hi Janet......some hints for the Glue Gel Resist Technique: Prewash your white fabic, use Elmer's Blue Gel glue, it dries quickly out in the sun, inexpensive Tulip paints work very well (they are permanent after 72 hours of drying and require no heat setting), apply paint with a brush or spray bottle after the glue is dry. After the paint has cured for 72 hours, throw the project in a HOT washing machine with some old towels. All of the glue will be gone when you take it out of the washer. I let mine air dry, then ironed it later.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  5. I'd like to give the gel glue batik idea a try in my classroom this fall. I think the sixth graders would like to do a small quilt after the batik glue gets washed out. Thanks for the tutorial.