Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Design Wall...Winding Ways or Wheel of Mystery

Something New is Up on the Design Wall

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Wheel of Mystery or Winding Ways

I quickly put these blocks up on the design wall yesterday....mostly so I could have something new to look at while I was sitting at the machine doing some binding work on the clam shell quilt.

This is my current Take-A-Long Quilt. I started it in 2005. It goes everywhere I go. This pattern is known by two names: Wheel of Mystery or Winding Ways. I think both names suit it well. Brad thinks it looks like a kaleidoscope.......I see that too!

These curves are so gentle compared to the clam shell quilt I hand pieced before this.

This is a John Flynn lazer cut kit. I purchased one kit, which makes a lap size quilt. I used batiks from my own stash, cut more pieces and doubled the size of the quilt.
Right now it is 70 x 80 inches without borders. I have enough pieces cut to make more blocks, but I think I am ready to begin designing a border treatment.

I will leave this up on the design wall for a few days......move blocks around.......and see what border ideas I can come up with. I am thinking borders that read solid, so the machine quilting will show up in the borders....because it definitely won't show up on these blocks as busy as they are!

I will post my progress as I continue with this quilt.

Something new in the Thread Shed

I spend so many hours on my feet while working out in the Thread Shed. I am a bare feet girl.......I only put on shoes to go into town!

I decided to be kind to my feet and purchased this mat. It is 3 x 5 feet in size. Just perfect in front of the cutting station or the ironing board.
I found it at Sears this week $40.
I have seen mats like this elsewhere but they were nearly $100 or more.

I am trying to figure out how to change the name on the mat?

It should read..........CRAFTSGIRL

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. the quilt is fabulous, i like that you extended it beyond what the kit had. much better as a big quilt than a lap... you get to see all the circles it makes visually.

  2. I agree with what Bumble Beans said. It's so beautiful. Good use of color. I like seeing the circles it makes also.

  3. I'm a regular at Bumble Beans and I decided to look again at her list. You are a great discovery. I immediately felt a kinship with your style and choice of patterns. You are not afraid of LARGE size quilts. I've done winding ways (my header)and grandmother's garden. I like to hand piece as well as machine. Please drop by.

  4. I have hand-pieced a Winding Ways quilt too! It remains to be finished, with borders to add.

    I also do all my quilting on a Bernina QE153.

    You make beautiful quilts!

    Linda, in Iowa

  5. Your quilt is beautiful. I am taking a class in Nov. with him to make the small lap quilt. I am just learning, so I hope I can handle this one.

  6. Hi Doreen,
    The Winding Ways is a very gentle curve. You won't have a bit of trouble, and I am sure you will learn lots of tips and hints in your class.
    Have Fun,

  7. I've just started sewing this kit which I purchased several years ago. After you assemble a block, what size do you trim it to? 11"? Also, my blocks are wavy even after pressing them flat. And there's a spider hump in the middle. I've even clipped the curves thinking that might help. And I was very careful to following the seam pressing directions (press toward piece A, B, or C). Did you run into this problem? Any suggestions to fix it? I've been quilting for over 10 years but this is the 1st time I've tried curves. I even purchased a presser foot for curves. It does make it easier to keep a good 1/4" seam and to match the top piece's edge with the lower piece's edge. Any other tips for sewing this block/kit/quilt?
    Marrilee in Kennesaw GA

  8. Hi Cobbscout,
    You don't trim the blocks at all.
    In curved piecing your blocks will always be somewhat wavy around the edges, this is normal as they are cut on the bias. When you piece the individual blocks into the quilt top they will square up and straighten out just fine.
    I did not piece mine on the machine. It was my take-a-long quilt and I pieced it by hand, which gave me a lot of control on the curves.
    I also snipped the curved seams in the center to help release the pull on the fabric.
    Once the top is pieced and pressed the blocks will lay flat. The quilting stitches will also help to keep it flat. After the quilting is complete block the quilt good with a steam iron.