Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bubbles & Blooms.....Design Work Done

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I decided on the lime green fabric for borders.
It is cut and pinned and ready to sew onto the quilt top.

This is the summer-time view out the Thread Shed Window
Dinner Plate Dahlias

Bubbles & Blooms Quilt Top
I decided to go with the lime green instead of the dark pink variegated.
The green fabric reads as a solid from a distance, and will give me lots of quiet space for some fun free-motion quilting!

This is a birthday quilt for my sister, Sherry.
She doesn't read my blog, so she will be surprised!
Tomorrow......spray basting and machine quilting....the perfect day.

Last week I attended a workshop....we tried rust dyeing.
This piece was perfect for the buffalo applique.

This rust dye piece is wonderful with the horse applique on it.
These are both works-in-progress

Each year I find something new to ornament the flower gardens.
This year, it is these vintage metal chairs.

The chairs found a home sitting in front of the hen house.
And yes.......I am eyeing them up for rust dyeing!

Each year swallows make our patio out back their own.
The baby birdlings are becoming very active!

5pm.......I called it a day and closed up the Thread shed.
I wandered around outside in the yard with the camera.
This gorgeous butterfly was flitting around the flowerbeds.
The pink spider dahlia is the perfect contrast for the yellow butterfly!

Yesterday I took this photo of the lavender dahlia bud.
They are huge buds!

This is what the dahlia bud looked like today!
It didn't waste anytime blooming.

Dancer & Freckles saw me walking around the yard, and just had to come over to the fence for a good scratching.

I love the STAR in the center of the Hollyhock blooms.
They just illuminate and glow in the sun.

When the sun went down, I turned the water on in the flowerbeds.
The droplets on the flowers made a perfect picture.
Pink Star Lily

Water droplets on the yellow & pink spider dahlia

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At the end of a Perfect Day,

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  1. LuAnn,

    Your flower power quilt is great! I love that lime green border - what a nice print! Love that you added your sister's name to the quilt. What a perfect day for enjoying the flowers. Have fun quilting tomorrow, Linda G.

  2. I love your dalia quilt. I'm sure your sister will love it and your flowers are beautiful. Would love to see the finished quilt.

  3. I love the quilt you are making for yoru sister! Your flower photos are beautiful too.

  4. Where do I start commenting, I "ooh"ed and "ah"ed over every picture. Being a urban/city girl, I envy your open space. The green border is a good choice, as you said, giving you a quiet area for quilting. Your sister will be thrilled.

  5. Gosh, I saw that quilt with my name on it and got all excited!!! Your sister is so lucky to receive such an incredibly cute quilt.
    Sherry V

  6. just discovered your blog, linking from Bumble Beans, and will be coming back! I love your flower quilt for your sister - absolutely stunning! The varigated pink looked nice as the border, but the lime green is perfect. Your gel glue resist a few days ago is something I'm still wanting to try, and having seen yours, I think it will move up in the list. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  7. Hi Esteemarlu,
    I basted the quilt this morning and I am quilting it today. I will post photos as I get the quilting done.
    Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I am quilting on this quilt today...I will keep the camera nearby to capture any interesting stitching that might occur.

  9. I love bubbles and bloom is so cheery and fun. Your quilt is just adorable and the green was just perfect! Love those Dahlias, especially pink and yellow! Pam in Chico

  10. Beautiful pictures, you have a lovely blog!