Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wind & Rain & No Power

I am trying to post a new quilt exhibit that is going up at the hospital in town, but the wind and rain today is threatening to knock our power out........the lights are blinking as I type I better shut down the computer and finish up this post later on.

Quilts created by members of the "Permission 2 Play" Art Quilt Group


Jello Monoprinting Technique w/Organza Printed Overlay: By LuAnn & Kathy H

Click images to enlarge them and see the details.

Jello Monoprinting Technique, Bubble Wrap Background print: By Virginia

Melted Crayon Print Technique: By LuAnn

Melted Crayon Print Technique: By Kathi

Landscape By LuAnn

It Is As It Is: By Virginia

Wavy Edge Rotary Cutting Technique: By LuAnn

Melted Crayon Print w/ Tulle Embellishment: By Kathy H

Wavy Edge Rotary Cutting w/Circle Quilting: By LuAnn

Melted Crayon Print w/Mother of Pearl Embellishments: By LuAnn

I could use a few photography hints for black quilts. My photos on black fabric are a challenge for me. Please leave me photography tips by clicking the comment link at the end of this post. Much Appreciated!

Snippets H20 Soluble Stabilizer Technique Framed: By Kathi

Melted Crayon Print Technique w/Tulle Embellishment: By Virginia

Snippets H20 Soluble Stabilizer Technique: By Kathi

Snippets H20 Soluble Stabilizer Technique: By Emily

Snippets H20 Soluble Stabilizer Technique: By Virginia

These 15 quilts created by students and instructors of the Living Well w/Cancer & Healing Through Quilting Class aka Permission 2 Play are on exhibit at our local hospital. They will be hung in Infusion & Radiation rooms for the patients to view while undergoing treatments.

The instructors at Permission 2 Play are strong advocates of "Share What You Know".
The students are generous with their art creations and believe in sharing their art with others.

A Special Thanks to our local Quilt Shop: JanniLou Creations in Philomath, Oregon. The owners Jan & Lou allow us to meet once each month in their big classroom space.
And thank you to the Marys River Quilt Guild members who have donated the fabrics & embellishments for this class. You make this special quilt group possible.

Please contact me if you are interested in starting your own Permission 2 Play, or becoming a member of ours. Click on the comment link below to leave me a message.

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Made it Through the Wind & Rain,

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McIrish Annie said...

thanks for the mini art quilt show! The work is great and super thanks for the tutorial!! I have a roll of the stablizer and will have to start playing.