Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Imprint

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The Imprint

Trees remind me of my grandfather, Nicholas Fusco. Born in 1898, an immigrant from Italy. I remember as a child holding his hand as he lead me through his vegetable garden; sitting under the grape arbor with him and eating grapes warm from the sun. Grampa could make anything grow.

This father of 11 children worked three different jobs to support his family. One of which was landscaping. Over the years he planted many trees in his town.
When I go back home to New Jersey to visit, I enjoy traveling through grampa's home town to see those big, beautiful trees he planted. I feel as if I am visiting with a little bit of grampa's soul.

Today when I plant my own garden, flowers, shrubs or trees, I think of grampa and how much he loved his home and garden and how, in his own loving way, he left his imprint on the landscape.

Journal Quilt Created by LuAnn McDonald Kessi, Harlan, Oregon 2009
Art Quilt Technique: Melted Crayon Printing
Instructor: Virginia Gregory, Corvallis, OR

This quilt is part of the Living w/Cancer and Healing through Quilting class, better known as "Permission to Play". I have mentioned it in previous blog posts. Please contact me if you would like more information about this gift giving class. I would be happy to give you advice on starting up a class in your area. Please click on the comment link right below and leave me a message.

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