Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabric Dust

Dahlias By Nancy........Click on image to enlarge and see all the gorgeous detail

Designed in a " Permission To Play" class in February 2009.

We had such a great time playing around with H2O Soluble Stabilizer and fabric scraps aka fabric dust. I decided to create a tutorial from the images from this class. Enjoy!

H20 Stabilizer Products: There are several brands on the market. You can buy them in the bag or on a roll. They come in Light, Medium & Heavy weights. We chose to use the heavy weight on the bottom, and the medium weight on the top side.

Nancy placed a heavy weight piece of H2O Soluble Stabilizer on the counter, then began to arrange her fabric snippets on top. Click images to enlarge.....

After you have all your fabric pieces in place, you place a medium weight H2O Soluble Stabilizer on top, then pin all the layers together like a scrap sandwich. This will hold everything together during the quilting process.

Kathy H chose to straight stitch back and forth across the top of her snippets sandwich.

Kathi chose to free motion quilt in circles all over the surface of her snippets sandwich.
Click images to enlarge.......

After all the stitching is done, dunk your snippets sandwich in very hot water to dissolve the stabilizer. You may need to use a pair of tongs to keep from burning your fingers. The hotter the water, the quicker it dissolves. Continue to rinse until all of the stabilizer has been washed away.

We were in a hurry to see our creations, so we used a hair dryer to quickly dry them.

Kathi framed her piece in a frame without glass. When she held it up to the light it looked just like stained glass. A beautiful way to show off this piece.

Design Option: Virginia chose to use fabric as the foundation of her snippets project. No H2O soluble stabilizer on the bottom; she chose this beautiful batik fabric, then layered her fabric snippets on top of the fabric.

Virginia layered a piece of medium weight H2O soluble stabilizer on top, pinned her sandwich together, then free motion quilted all over the flowers. Click Images to enlarge.

Virginia's completed snippets flower quilt. She chose to echo quilt around the flowers.
She overdyed it with Setacolor.

Emily also designed her snippets onto a fabric foundation, then layered her H2O soluble stabilizer on top.

Emily's completed flower snippet. Her flower petals curl up on the edges, creating a 3D effect.

Design Option: Kathi cut out leaf shapes from her piece of snippets fabric, and appliqued them onto a fabric foundation and quilted them down.

Several of the pieces created here were from fabric scraps I found in the trash after a quilting class I attended. Makes you think twice about what you throw away.

I hope you give this a try, it makes for a fun afternoon.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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