Sunday, March 1, 2009

Speaking Through Your Hands, Heart & Soul

A Letter to Brad From Cowgirl: A Loyal, Loving Red Heeler

I came to live with you when I was just a pup. You are the best friend a dog could ever have. I rode shotgun for you the rest of my life, and what a life it was!
Our days began and ended in a ride in Big Blue. We rode along together down the bumpy gravel road. You drove and I watched the pedals. We had many adventures together fixing fence, feeding cattle, going to the sheep barn. You never had to look for me, I was always right there by your side. You were the most important person in my life. Gosh, you were my life!
Everyone was my friend. I was always happy to greet people with a wag and a lick wherever we would go. But it was you that I was devoted to. I would wait outside the barn door for hours for you, and would wag my tail when I saw you come out.
I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer, but we were lucky to have 14 years together. And, I'll still be waiting at the barn door until I see you coming through.
I Love You,

"Cowgirl" By LuAnn Kessi
A framed memory quilt 18 x 24
My husband's red heeler dog was a loyal companion for many years.
This photo transfer quilt was made to honor Cowgirl and her significance in our family.

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I chose to express my memories in fabric and thread. It is my way of speaking through my hands, my heart and my soul.

Jimmy Stewart chose to express the memories about his dog Beau in poem. Click on his name to view the video.

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From My Heart To Yours,

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helen-mary said...

OK, you made me cry over my lunch. I've lost 3 dogs in my lifetime and it always hurts so very much. You made a wonderful tribute.