Saturday, May 21, 2022

Quilt Retreat....Day 3

Today at the Quilt Retreat I am stitching a

Project Bag 

This Petal Power line of fabric is so FUN !

I am using the mini charm squares

to create the inside of the bag...

I have cut a chunk of Pellon Fusible Foam

as a base to lay out the mini charms...

Once the charm squares are pieced together,

I fused them onto the foam:

Then I stitched in the ditch

and quilted it all together...

So much quilting definition when stitching

through the foam...

At this point,  the top of the bag is complete

with the vinyl window section

stitched between the yellow fabrics...

The handle is sewn in with the binding

around the edge:

Project Bag:  22 inches square

Here it is with a smaller project bag

I made a few months ago:

I am ready to travel with my quilting projects !

This is the new Quilt Palace Kitten:

Last Autumn
Kitten....2 months of age

Kitten.......4 months old

Kitten today.....8 months old

It is FUN to watch him grow!

He finds everything Quilters do...just fascinating !

He has learned how to un-thread 

the sewing machines,

which is not so fun for the Quilters...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi



  1. Love the Prince of the Quilting Palace!!! They are fun when you are doing anything quilting related...always interested! My grandkitty tried to catch the thread at the needle when I was sewing a few times - so glad I never sewed his paw into my projects! Love the bags!!