Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Thread Shed....Fresh Start 2022

I read somewhere recently that it was...

Clean Off Your Desk Day

I decided to put this into good use

 in the Thread Shed:


I don't have a desk in here,

but I have lots of work surfaces 

that were piled high...

I should have taken a before picture.....oops!

I cleaned off my big ironing board

the Cowboy built this for me 20 years ago.

I hand dyed the board cover.

I also cleaned off my main work table...

it is a vintage drop leaf table with lots of leaves

and is about 80 inches long.

I cleaned off my sewing machine table.....

I also cleaned off my little cutting table

All 4 large surfaces are cleaned off and 

ready to go !

2022 will be my year of:

Fabulous Finishes

I have my first quilt ready to finish

on the work table...

Orange Peel / Pumpkin Seed Quilt

This large table is perfect for trimming the edges 

of your quilt to get it ready for binding...

The machine quilting is done,

all that is left to do is bind it....

I have a bag of fabrics to paw through

in hopes of finding something 

that will work for a binding.

This will have to wait for another day...

We are working cattle tomorrow.

I am hoping to get this bound 

by the end of the week and have my very first


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sumac! I would like to think it was a design choice but.....I was running low on fabric and just used up what I had.

      Many Thanks,

  2. Beautiful quilt! Also…love the name of your sewing space 😊

    1. Thank You Twirling Dervish! The Cowboy built the Thread Shed back in 2000. While he was working on it he would refer to it as, "Your Thread Shed." The name stuck.


  3. Looks great!! Love your orange peal quilt! For the binding, what about matching your border fabrics? I know, it is a PITA to get the measurements right for changing the fabric, but it would look really cool? Or just a scrappy binding that uses fabrics in your orange peals?

  4. Thank you Farm Quilters ! I was running low on fabrics by the time the borders were pieced. I had to go out and buy binding fabric...nothing in the Thread Shed would work.