Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dresden Plate Quilt.....

1930's Depression Era

Reproduction Fabrics

400 pieces.....cut out last evening

I enjoy working with these fabrics so much,

cutting 400 pieces......went by quickly.

I snuck into the Thread Shed for a couple of hours

to stitch a few of these beauties together...

20 blades per block...

20 blocks needed for this quilt top...

I managed to sew 6 blade units together,

then it was time to go across the river

and check for new calves...

Here is our newest baby.....Calf Number 32

A tender moment between

Mama Cow and her bull calf

On the right is Big Marv...

he was raised on a bottle 2 years ago.

He welcomes all of the new babies...

we call him Uncle Marv.

Our little goat herd is growing...

the new kid goats are over 2 weeks of age

and growing so quickly.

 It was over 80 degrees the last few days...

the goats still have their winter hair

and they are suffering a bit from the heat.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Replies
    1. It would have been lovely to cut them with an accuquilt, but I don't have one. I traced them and cut them out with scissors.


  2. Hey Luann,
    Your blog is so much fun! Thank you! Do you think you have more than your "share" of turkey vultures 'cause of your birthing grounds? I absolutely love seeing them lined up on your fence and then get instantly jealous. :) Again, thanks for sharing!


  3. Yes, the vultures are attracted to the calving grounds....they eat the afterbirth and also the cow manure. Many thanks for your comments Maggie.

    My Best To You,

  4. Your goat herd is so adorable!! How did you get 80 degrees??!! We did get up to the 60s but have rain and snow for today and tomorrow. 32 calves!! How many more do you have left to calve? Since we've only seen a few of the calves, what is the boy/girl count? Such a sweet moment between mother and son!

    1. 32 degrees in the morning, then 80 degrees in the afternoon...very uncommon for March in Western Oregon. However, all of the mud at the calving barns dried up, which is a big plus. The rain is coming back today, so we are back to our normal March weather. We are half way done calving now. There are 18 heifers and 14 bull calves. Mother Nature usually gives us a 50/50 ration when it is all said and done.