Sunday, March 24, 2019


Do you remember this calf?

Her name is Ruby Jean

she was born March 2018...

Ruby Jean @ 3 months...

Here she is today: with her winter coat

Ruby Jean @ 1 year.....March 2019

She weighed 70 lbs @ birth

She weighs 700 lbs @ 1 year

We will keep her has a replacement heifer.

Spring Calves....2019:

Bull Calves....1 month old

I should send this image to Purina

We are half way through calving...

35 calves on the far.

In the top half of this image...

see the little yellow building in the center?

The yellow building is my Thread Shed

This is where I do most of my stitching.

Enjoy the video of the calves below:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Can't believe how big the calves are and Ruby! Just like kids...they grow up fast! Love the "Purina" picture! Yes, you should send it in!!!

  2. Jealous of your temperatures!! Woke up to snow yesterday!! Didn't last long, but this entire week is supposed to be a little storm rolling through every day. I know you depend on the rain, so I hope it helps keep your valley green. The calves are so cute! I could spend all day just watching them running and jumping around. Any twins yet this year? There was a pair that looked very much alike. That bull calf does have an adorable face!!! Purina would love that picture!! It would look great on advertising or a calendar!

    1. Yes, we had our first set of live twins a couple days ago. Their mother is doing a great job keeping track of and taking care of them.


  3. 70 to 700 pounds in one year? Holy cow! It has to take a lot of food to make that happen. The video of the calves is so cute. I could tell by their marking for some of them who was who's momma. Over the years I have had several sets of twins - deer that is. LOL!! The does like to hang out in the wooded area behind my house and they spend a lot of time there after the fawn are born. It is fun to watch them play in my backyard.

  4. Loved this glimpse into your life--thank you!