Sunday, February 3, 2019

Working Cattle....Weaning Calves

We weaned the main herd of calves

back in November.

Now we are weaning the late calves

born to the young heifer cows...

Running the cattle into the corral...

Using the tailgate on the pick up as our 

work table.

We are vaccinating the cattle.

This is the new squeeze chute...

it has a self-catch head ROCKS !

This is one of our oldie goldie cows...Dulcey,

she has been running with the heifers.

We worked the cows through the chute first,

then turned them out back into the pasture.

Here are their calves:

The calves were born late last Summer,

so they are younger than the rest of our 

Spring calves.

After all of the calves were vaccinated,

we loaded them up in a trailer and

hauled them up river...

The calves will live in this barn for 

a week to 10 days

until they are weaned...

Enjoy the video of Weaning Calves:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. With my love of hexes, I really enjoyed your opening for the videos!!! Always enjoy seeing your farm life!

    1. If you love hexes.....wait until you see tomorrow's post of what I did today.....

      Have a good evening Robbie,

  2. I can totally understand why you don't have those babies in the barn closest to your house!! I'm sure it is quite noisy in that barn for a few days!! Are the moms calling back to their babies the first day? Love your farm videos today...always enjoy watching the cows. Do Cowboy and Cow boss always use quads to round up the cows, or do they ever use horses? Trying to compare your cattle operation with my niece's husband's family...I know they use horses, not sure if they use quads. Hubby uses a quad or dirt bike to do the irrigation around our place.

  3. After we wean the calves, we haul them about 2 miles up river, away from their mothers. We started using 4 wheelers to herd the cattle and change the irrigation pipe back in the 1980's. We had horses for about 30 years, but they have all passed on.