Thursday, February 7, 2019

Bulls....this winter

We are wintering over 6 bulls this year...

4 Shorthorn Bulls and 2 Angus Bulls

The Angus bulls are 2 years old:

This is Lewis...

and this is Clark

The Shorthorn Bulls are 3 years old:

he throws all the beautifully colored calves




Sunrise this the back yard

27 degrees

Across the river are the 2 cow barns...

Close Up View...

A few cows resting in the orchard

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Love the picture of the view of the peaceful.....

  2. Slim, Clive and Jess look like triplets!! I would need to see the ear tags to tell them apart! Oh my, what a gorgeous sunrise you had!!! Love the view across the pastures and peaceful to see the girls just hanging out. This is a special time of year on the farm...the calm before the craziness of calving!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all the new babies!

    1. The babies are due on the 18th....10 more days!


  3. beautiful. If I remember you live in Oregon. we drove up that way last summer, and fell in love with all the green. Love seeing your cows. From the photos it seems you must be near a town and lots of quilters. How wonderful. we live near Yosemite, and it has been in the 20's at night with black ice on the highway. Town has sort of closed down because of the black ice. Not sure if they have opened Yosemite yet.closed because of snow on the road. storm supposed to come tonight. Love seeing what you are working on. thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, we live in the Coastal Mountains of Western Oregon. No, we are not near town, it takes about an hour to get into town. We have a group of quilters in our tiny, little valley that meet on Mondays. We are expecting a week of snow beginning tonight. We are only 200 feet above sea level in this valley, so it is a treat to have some snow.

    Many Thanks for your comments,