Sunday, November 18, 2018

Morning Chores...

We begin each day with these beauties...

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Our first stop in the morning,

feeding the cow and calf pairs...

They eat 1200 lbs of hay each day...

We are enjoying a sunny and dry autumn

here in Western Oregon...

These are two of my favorite heifer calves...

Queenie and Ruby Jean

They are a chip off the old block!

They look just like their daddy, Fernando...


We feed in 5 different locations each morning.

It is a wonderful way to begin the day,

surrounded by such beautiful livestock.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. First off, Fernando is a beauty! He would show in a halter class! HA I can see where you would enjoy your mornings feeding. I used to have my coffee pot ready to take to the barn each a.m. Plug in; then feed the horses, then pick up stalls, grab a cup of coffee and sit on the step watching them munch on their hay after eating their grain. So quiet and serene...I loved that I just watch my two girls (dogs!) go pee and poop in the a.m.! HA But we do get to walk twice a day...just not the same as life on the farm!

    1. Yes Robbie....simple pleasures are the best and what we will remember the most.


  2. Your girls and the calves are definitely a wonderful way to start each day!! Were there 4 videos?? I could only get the first one to play. I love my time in the barn feeding my horses...only 3 of them but there is just something about being with my horses that brings me the same kind of peace as you get with all your cattle and goats.

    1. Yes, I uploaded 4 videos but only the first one is playing. I have been having trouble with my Smilebox slideshow maker for months now. I need to look around for something else more reliable.


  3. I never realized how much hay they eat each day, it’s mind boggling thinking about having to grow, cut and store that much hay. I love reading your posts and learning about farming, it makes me stop and appreciate all the hard work that is done in the background.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the blog Jackie.

      My Best To You,