Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Soy Wax....Fabrics

Last week I spent the day stamping

hot soy wax on fabric...

I started out with a 

commercial batik fabric...

Using a found object,

I stamped hot wax on the fabric...

Then I painted over the waxed fabric with

purple setacolor textile paint...

When dry, I heat set the paint with an iron:

All that is left to do is wash out the wax

in a hot washing machine.

The shadow marks on the fabric will be

washed away in the washing machine:

These were SUPER FUN to create!

I am anxious to put them into a project soon.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. You've shows your wax pieces before and they are always so interesting! You just put in hot washer to remove the wax! WOW!! Now that might be of interest for me to try soy wax printing!!!

    1. Oh yes, a HOT washing machine does the trick nicely and doesn't hurt your pipes or septic system one bit.


  2. I really want to do this!! If I'm still here this summer, I may have to give it a try here rather than waiting until I get home!!! Such cool fabrics you made!!

    1. It is so relaxing and enjoyable....it is hard to stop!


  3. Love your prints. I never think about waxing over commercial fabric. Will have to do that. Also, I always work on getting the wax out by hand. I'm going to try the washing machine next time. Thanks.

  4. Oh no, don't do wax removal by hand....that takes all the FUN out of it. A good HOT washing machine quite easily removes all of the wax....no worries for your pipes or septic system.