Saturday, November 24, 2018

Feeding Mama Cows...

Morning Chores...

We feed at 5 different locations...

The first to be fed each day are the mama cows...

The Cowboy feeds off the back of the hay wagon

while I stay warm and dry in the cab driving...

This is our first field of mama cows.

They no longer have calves at their side.

We weaned the calves a couple weeks ago.

On the very far right 

you can see the 2 bottle calves

that we raised 2 summers ago.   

They will be 2 yrs in March.

The mama cows will begin calving in February.

Better go...

we have more cattle waiting for their breakfast!

Enjoy the Video:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Love the stories of your bottle babies!! You were blessed this year with no bottle babies, but I rather miss them! Your field looks great - dry really does help! When it starts to be wet, will you switch to the round bales and using the holders? I rather think that on the ground, lots of hay would be lost to the mud with the way they trample it into the ground.

  2. The square bales are fed on the ground, the round bales in the feeders. How we feed depends on which kind of bale we feed. Right now we are trying to use up all of the square bales by the end of the year. The first of the year we will move the mother cows up river to the cow barns, where there are lots of round bales waiting for them at those barns. We normally feed round bales because that is what we make. We had a drought this year and our hay yield was way down, so we had to buy hay....that's where the square bales came from. The calves are usually the ones to stomp the hay and sleep on it. Now that they are weaned, the cows eat up the hay in a couple of hours and don't waste as much as you think.....they clean most of it up.

  3. What a beautiful scene - and aren't you the smart one doing the driving - ha ha!

    1. If there were 3 people in the cab....I would be the one in the middle.....don't need to drive and don't need to get out and open the gate!