Sunday, November 11, 2018

Feeding Bulls...

Here come the Bulls...

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When we pull up to the bull field in the morning,

the bulls come running...

It's that time of the year...

Time to feed the bulls grain pellets...

They love them!

They are so big and so beautiful...

I enjoy getting this close to them

and watching them eat.

Enjoy the Bull Feeding Video below:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Oh, the bully boys are so handsome!! Fernando is the prettiest of the bunch. Fun to see their pecking order in action, just like with my horses...5 will cram into one feeder, leaving one all alone at his feeder, until only one feeder still has food! Have you been getting rain/snow yet this year? Feel so bad for the area around Paradise, California! We need rain as well, but at least we aren't on fire!!

  2. We are so fortunate to have a dry autumn.....never happens here in Western Oregon. We get 130 inches of rain yearly, so we are super happy to have some very frosty nights and very sunny days. The livestock and wildlife are also enjoying this great weather.

  3. Love seeing these 'big boys'!!!

  4. When asked on a cool November morning, what did you do this morning? Not many people can respond, “I went out to feed the bulls.” Awesome! Loved the videos.,. :-()

    1. We begin each day with these big fellas. They are so calm and easy going. They are really just a bunch of big babies 1.5 and 2.5 years of age.
      Thanks for your comment,