Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life @ the Goat Barn...

I took my camera along to the goat barn...

We are feeding nannies and kids 

this morning...

This is Lily

Her mama, Long Ears, is my favorite goat.

You can see that Lily inherited her mamas

beautiful long ears.

We are still in the calving mode...

a dozen cows left to calve yet.

This little white face calf makes me smile...

one black eye, one white eye.

This is the second set of twin calves...

They are several weeks old now and out in the

 pasture with their mama.

These are the last images of the tulips 

in the yard:

The morning sun and evening sun

make for terrific back-lit photography...

I am working on a whole cloth quilt project...

I will upload the design images soon.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I spotted baby long ears in the video. I had no idea some goats had longer ears than others, but the difference really makes them cute. Of course, they are all adorable. Thanks for sharing. I sure love, love, love Spring and seeing all the babies on a farm.


  2. Do you ever get too many kids in the spring and have to sell some? I know that sounds bad. Also, do you ever have to add "fresh blood" to the herd for genetic diversity? I just love when you post about the goats!

  3. Love baby goats! I have Nigerian Dwarfs mainly, three of mine are mixed with Nubian. They are just pets.
    I noticed some of yours are marked with colors. What is the purpose of the marks?

  4. Thank you again for sharing such awesome pictures - you have a knack with the camera! The flowers are postcard worthy - and the cows are cute too!