Monday, September 8, 2014

Barn Lot Quilt Series...

After spending so much time in our barn lot during hay season this year, 

and making so many images with my camera,

I decided to print out my favorite photos and begin a new quilt series:

The images printed beautifully on 8.5 x 11 inch fabric.

I use an Epson printer with Durabrite Inks

and Jacquard® Inkjet Fabric Sheets 8.5"x 11"

100 images…..probably a series of 5 or 6 quilts.

These images are mostly TRUCK related:

The overlapping of the images appeals to me…

I pulled out a few yards of rust dyed fabrics as a possible background for the quilt…

The rust fabric on the left is the back of the fabric…..lighter, more texture.

The rust fabric on the right is the front of the fabric…..smoother appearance.

You can see the left side of the rusted fabric really jumps out at you with texture.

I decided to use the back side of the rusted fabric for texture

 I put 2 yards of rusted fabric up on the design wall:

and arranged the barn lot images on top of it…

The rusted fabric works well with the dusty, rusty, time-worn appearance of these images.

You can see the paint peeling on the truck in this image.

This is a possible lay out for this quilt…

I decided to remove the rusted fabric from the wall, 

put the fabric photos on the wall

then fill in around them with the rusted fabric:

I am not grooving on this setting at all.  It appears too structured.

I am taking this down and going back to the overlapping images in photo 2 above.

In the mean time…..enjoy my flower images:

Okay…..I am back

Back to square one with the images...

I prefer this lay out…more square in size, 

not as long as it was earlier.

I inserted a different piece of rust dyed fabric in the middle

to make the background large enough for all of these images:

Ahhh….this feel good.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


Janice Smith said...

Just discovered your blog. Your farm photos look great. I, too, have an Epson printer with Durabrite inks, but I'm always a bit disappointed when I print on fabric sheets. Do you mind sharing which brand you use and any tips for getting better results.

Kat said...

That rust dyed fabric is too perfect for those pics! I love the texture in it.

Lynda said...

enjoyed so much following along with your creative process. I love the work you do - I have a collection of automobile hood ornament photos (my husband loved auto shows, and I started taking pics of hood ornaments as something to keep me busy while he drooled) would be fun to pull the and see what could be done.

ferne said...

Such talent! I love what you are doing here. One two, have you washed the fabric with the pictures and if so did you see much fading? Does the picture fabric feel stiff? Do you think this will be a good quilt for cuddling with or would it be better for a wall quilt? Oops that is 3 questions, can't help myself as this is so interesting and I love it!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Ferne,

The photo transfer fabrics are very soft. The printing process does not change the hand of the fabric at all. I intend these to be displayed on the wall. Fabric photo quilts will deteriorate over time with too much washing if they are to be used as a cuddle quilt.

My Best to You,
LuAnn in Oregon