Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jello Printing on Black.....Play Day 2

I decided to explore further with 

jello printing on dark fabrics...

The Thread Shed is all set up for a day of play...

The jello plate is covered with 

white metallic craft paint

and paper horse images...

This is the image printed on black fabric.

 I left the paper horses in place on the jello plate,

painted over them with yellow paint:

Then removed the paper horses...

This is the second horse print on black fabric.

I printed out a bird silhouette on printer paper,

covered the jello with yellow paint,

placed the bird cut out on top of the paint:

This created a dramatic print on black fabric.

I left the bird cut out on the jello plate:

Then covered over it with green paint.

Then removed the bird paper...

This second print has the previous yellow paint on the

bird and the tree.

The cut out paper image did not survive 

when I removed it from the jello plate.

 I enjoy cutting paper.....let's do it again...

I am enjoying the more complex looking prints...

The first print on the left 

is crisper and more dramatic.

The second print on the right 

is more complex in appearance.

I am only able to produce 2 prints...

then the paper silhouette falls apart.

Next time I will print the silhouette images

 on plastic sheets that will last through many, 

many printing sessions.

I had a good day experimenting with black fabric,

but it is time to clean up...

Gunnr enjoys spending time in the Thread Shed:

Especially.....SNACK time!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

Almost....a dozen eggs


  1. You really got some great looking prints there! I'm going to be watching to see what you do with them next.

  2. Awesome printing, LuAnn!!! I love the bird prints!