Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Girl Quilt......

Quilting the Flower Girl Quilt:

Here she is under the needle of the Sweet 16

The white background areas are heavily quilted.

After washing, this will shrink up

and become so yummy!

The raw edge flowers will ruffle up after washing.

A vine is perfect for the border quilting...

Free hand, I chalk out a wavy stem line

to follow while quilting...

I quilted plumes, curls and leaves on the vine.

 I like to try new threads:

Glide Thread

Magna Glide Prewound Bobbins:

Below the jar of pre-wound bobbins

is my bobbin case.

To the right of the case, I have removed 

the backlash spring.

To the left you see the pre-wound bobbin.

To the far left is the empty bobbin

it has a magnet on the bottom.

I am terribly satisfied with this thread!

I purchased mine here.....CLICK HERE

Time for a snack break...

Gunnr needs to replenish his energy after all of this quilting!

Open Toe S16 Foot:

I purchased an open toe foot after I bought the S16.

It is open....nothing blocks my view as I follow a narrow

spine on a vine or feather design.

I never quilt with any other foot.....this is ideal.

 Finished Quilt:

I wash and dry the quilt 3 times...

It becomes so yummy and cuddly....

Flower Girl Quilt

60 x 72 inches

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


  1. WOW the Flower Girl Quilt is fantastic. Great job with the quilting.
    I love Glide thread and the pre wound bobbins-and more importantly sodoesmy machine.
    I do not take my back lash spring out-can you tell me should we and why?

  2. LuAnn, I love visiting your blog, it is always so full of inspiration! In fact, I think your posts about your Sweet Sixteen may have been what originally sparked my interest in one for myself. I ultimately bought the Baby Lock Tiara (they are identical twin sisters).
    I appreciate you showing your quilting, both before and after washing so that newbies like me can know what to expect.
    I am wondering if you have any issues/comments with the short table space in front of the needle. My limited experience is that the quilt fabric falls off the front of the table and causes drag. You obviously manage to do beautiful quilting on your SS, so maybe I just need more experience.
    Thanks again for sharing your talents so freely with readers like me. :)
    ~June in AZ

  3. Hello Stitchedbyme,

    You don't want a lot of table space in front of the needle. That would give you an awful back ache reaching forward to hold the quilt as you machine quilt. I pile the excess quilt up against my chest as I quilt to prevent it from hanging over the front of the table and causing drag as I quilt. I am constantly re-adjusting the quilt to keep everything moving along smoothly. The more you machine quilt, the better and easier it will be for you.
    Good Luck and Have Fun,
    LuAnn in Oregon