Friday, March 22, 2013

Thread Shed......Update

Things are moving right along in the Thread Shed:

Thread Shed March 2013

The raw edge flower quilt is on the Sweet 16.

The Winding Ways/Wheel of Mystery is basted 

and ready to go under the needle.

My newest challenge quilt is on the design wall.

I finished the flower quilt last week.

I will write a separate post just for this quilt.

I used Glide Thread and bobbins......loved them!

These are the printed tree fabrics I am using for my

2013 Challenge Quilt

The challenge theme is...

Inspiration from the Flower Bed

I have trees growing near my flower beds.

This is my previous little green paint cupboard

which I had overgrown...

This is the new paint cupboard:

I traveled 5 hours round trip to Portland 

to get it at IKEA

The green containers are from the Dollar Tree

Textile Paints, Screen Printing Inks, 

Gel Mediums, Brayers,

Brushes, Applicators, etc.

all have a place of their own.....easy to find.

Gunnr is patiently waiting for a Scooby Treat

by the Winding Ways/Wheel of Mystery quilt.

CLICK HERE to see my Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


  1. I am so intrigued to see how your challenge piece plays out and I looove your new paint cupboard! I can completely understand making a trip for something that great! Ikea sure has it’s place, doesn’t it? I have a growing wish list for my next visit to an outlet - though for me it’s a 24 hour round trip.

  2. A table top version of the 16.....details, please!!! How long are your side table extension? How big of a quilt can you comfortably quilt this way? Do you have a stitch regulator? Type of bobbins? Any problems or things you do not like especially about quilting this way? As you can guess, I am debating making the jump to another machine for quilting, and want an honest perspective instead of a sales pitch. Thanks.....and I am so envious of your shed and set up. Looks fabulous.

  3. Your current projects really coordinate well with your studio space. And I LOVE that paint cabinet with the green baskets.