Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lilly Portrait #2

This image inspires me...

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This image was altered in Photoshop Elements 4
then printed onto cotton sateen fabric

It was then colored and painted with
Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons
and Inktense Pencils

Today I trimmed down the fabric portrait
and I am ready to audition border fabrics...

I recently created Thermofax Printed Fabrics.
I pulled out a few to see if they would work
with this portrait:

Pink Batik with white thermofax printed dots
I like it a lot...

Dark Blue Batik w/thermofax printed gold lines...
Way too dark

Brilliant Blue Batik w/thermofax printed gold lines
I like it, but the color is too intense

Green Batik w/thermofax printed coneflowers
I like these orange coneflowers,
but there isn't enough fabric for a border treatment

Green Batik w/thermofax printed birds
I also like these orange chickadees,
but there isn't enough for a border treatment either.

I left the piece for awhile just to get away from it...

When I came back I decided the soft green fabric with the orange thermofax prints went nicely with the hair and complexion of the portrait:

I pieced the two thermofax fabrics together
to create a big enough piece for the border treatment.

It is sandwiched together with batting and backing fabric
and ready to go under the needle...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Lynne said...

Oo, thanks for sharing your thought processes with us - it's fun to watch another mind at work.