Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sun Dyeing, Rust Dyeing, Gel Glue Resist, Threadplay, Paper Quilts

What a fun weekend.....Sun Dyeing, Rusty Dyeing, Gel Glue Resist, Threadplay, Paper Quilts.

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This is Hillary's Sun Dyed piece.
She came to spend a long weekend with me in the Thread Shed.
We managed to find time to make a few fun pieces.

This is my sun dyed piece.
Oak leaves and dandelions baking in the sun.
We used Tulip spray paint on white muslin fabric.

This is my Elmer's Gel Glue Resist piece.
Also made with Tulip spray paints.
I am patiently waiting 72 hours for the paint to cure before I wash out the glue.

This is the back side of the gel resist piece.

My next piece will hang directly from the clothesline while I apply the paint.
I am hoping to get some dripping lines in the paint.

This is what my rust dye piece looked like after 5 days of rusting in vinegar and salt.
On the 6th day I removed the plastic covering to allow it to completely dry.
It really darkened up in the oxygen.

This is the rust dye after soaking in baking soda and a good washing.
I plan to applique' big horses running across the fabric.
Maybe add a little metallic paint too...

It is getting down to the nitty gritty of what I can get completed for the quilt exhibit in September. I put a few journal quilts, in progress, up on the design wall to see which ones "move" me to work on them...


Threadplay on Phototransfer

This journal quilt of my son's dog, Suzy, was the first to come off the design wall.
I really enjoyed thread painting Suzy's face.
The thread added such texture, even though it was white on white.

This is a close-up view of Suzy.
The photo transfer is clearly visible through the heavy thread play.
My thread of choice is Superior Thread Bottom Line. It is a fine 60 wt trilobal polyester that is perfect for heavy stitch work. It allows the photo to come through even after all of the thread work is done.

Home Sweet Home
Blue Jay Paper Quilt

This was the next quilt to come off the design wall.
Decorative stitching was all that was needed on this piece.
No free-motion quilting at all.

Suzy is recovering nicely from her surgery last week.
She looks like a flashlight with this plastic collar around her neck.

Thread Shed Hollyhocks
Old Fashion Single Flower

Orange Dinner Plate Dahlia
My favorite time to photograph the flowers is right after watering.
The droplets look wonderful on the petals.

Pink & Yellow Glads

Hillary went along her merry way today.......we had so much fun. I will miss her and I will think of her each time I look at the textiles we created together this weekend.

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Mama Koch said...


Will you teach me how to thread paint? I took a class on doing fabric portraits and then the gal didn't come back to do the second class of finishing it with thread painting.

Janet said...

Now I see the results of the rust dying. Its really fascinating.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Janet,
My neighbor is a Quilting Welder. She began rust dyeing a couple years ago. She uses her rust fabrics for everything, including gorgeous carry bags. I am beginning to use a couple of my rust pieces for wall quilts. If you click on Rust Dyeing on my blog, you will see the horse and buffalo quilts I just started:

It is fun to step out of my comfort zone and create something completely different, then make it my own.