Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fairies & Flowers...

I had a great deal of fun today finishing up this fairy quilt of my grand niece.

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Fairy Business isn't for Sissies

Back in April I posted a quick tutorial on how this photo transfer piece was created. If you missed the post CLICK HERE to view.

Not a lot of threadwork on this piece.
For the most part I matched thread color and just traced over the basic lines in the photo with thread. I am trying to practice the "less is more" theory.....which is difficult for someone who believes "more is more."

This is the Gel Glue Resist piece I just showed you in my previous post yesterday.
This is the AFTER shot with the glue washed out.
I washed it in the washer on HOT.

Close Up View
After the glue and paint was applied, I sprinkled rock salt all over the surface.
The salt made the cool texture in the paint.

Red White Dinnerplate Spider Dahlia

I went behind the Thread Shed today and found this beauty!
I have never seen a dahlia like this!
It is BIG and WILD looking.

Front Flowerbed

A bird family has made their home in the flowerbed out front.
No sooner did Brad put the new bird house up this spring, and a pair of birds took up residence and began raising a family.

Red Glads

Every year when these fire engine red glads come up, Brad refers to them as Scarlet Spears.

Lavender Dinnerplate Dahlias

It is difficult to truly appreciate just how BIG these dahlias are until you are standing right next to them......eye to eye. They are as tall as I am.

State Fair Zinnia

Love that juicy orange color!

State Fair Zinnia.....side view

Asian Star Lily

These beauties poked up their heads this week.
I wish you could smell the aroma....enchanting.
The smell draws you in for a closer look.

I love the dots inside the petals and the orange stamen

Yellow Dinnerplate Dahlias & Pink Star Lilies

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Settling down to hand sew bindings,

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  1. Such gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I've just got to try that gel resist! The rust dying, too. Looks like you had a lot of fun! You have a fabulous garden - love your pictures of all your flowers - very inspiring. Thank you!

  3. I love the glue resist piece. I'm curious if the spray-on paint actually permeates the fabric if it's quilting cotton? I'd read somewhere it flakes off t-shirts after washing, which might just be the type of fabric.

  4. Hi Sheila,
    Yes, the Tulip spray-on paint definitely goes all the way into the textile and out the back side. It requires 72 hours to cure, and then is permanent. I like to heat set it in the dryer, then wash it in a HOT washing machine with an old towel. It washes up beautiful and so soft.