Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Montana & Wyoming...

Montana Fence

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Paul Harvey Quilt

This is my personal lap quilt. It keeps me warm when I am on the couch at home, and it also travels with me everywhere I go. I sleep with this quilt when we are in motel rooms while traveling from state to state. It just makes an overnight stay a bit more like home, and I sleep better cuddling up with it.

Yes, I named my quilt "Paul Harvey" after the radio announcer that tells us "The Rest of the Story."
This quilt started out as a class kit in Idaho. When I returned home to Oregon I realized all of the fabrics were not in the kit. I waited months for the quilt shop to send the missing fabrics......but it never happened.
I eventually found fabrics on my own and incorporated them into the quilt top. The border fabric came from Canada. My wonderful Anny Donna supplied the backing fabric.
This quilt took so much longer to complete than I had anticipated. After awhile I began to feel like it would never be done........when would I see....."The Rest of the Story."
I eventually began to refer to this quilt in progress as my Paul Harvey quilt.
Here I am in Montana with Paul Harvey.
We stopped to give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs, and I just couldn't resist photographing this beautiful pole fence.

Buffalo in Wyoming

This big fella came right up to the road to greet us.
The main herd is in the background by the stream.

Yellowstone Bison

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