Friday, June 14, 2024

Drunkards Path Quilt Blocks...


More than 15 years ago

I pieced a pile of Drunkards Path blocks

I pulled out my batik fabrics and had FUN

curved piecing...

I have to say, I have never been fond

of Drunkards Path quilts...

The layout and design of the

Drunkards Path puts me on edge...

so the blocks have been sitting in a drawer.

While I was searching for something else

in the Thread Shed I found the blocks...

I started playing around with them...

The full circle makes me happy !

Circles have always made me happy...

I like the way the circle really

jumps out at you...


So I made a pile of circle blocks...

16 inch Blocks

Up on the Design Wall...

not sewn together just yet.

First row stitched together...

Two rows together...

All 16 blocks stitched together...

15 Years and the Quilt Blocks

are finally stitched into a quilt top...

How FUN is this !

I am not sure about a border treatment?

I am liking the yellow fabric...

We are all done branding calves and getting

the cow and calf pairs out onto

summer pasture with the bulls.

I am working in the flower beds now

battling the weeds, mulching, fertilizing

and watching the flower seeds sprout.

The Cowboy is busy getting the hay equipment

out of storage and ready to rock 'n roll

in the hay fields very soon!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi 


  1. Love how you used the Drunkards Path squares! Turned out great!!!! Circles are fun and what a great way to make use of these 15 yr old pieces!

    1. Thanks Robbie. Now I need to decide on some kind of border treatment....hmmm.