Friday, November 22, 2019

Dresden Quilt.....Sashing Design

Yesterday I was undecided on what to quilt

in that pink sashing...

Today I pulled out the dry erase board

and began to play with a few designs:

Each of these designs 

filled the sashing area nicely...

The big, round swirls look great

with the big, round feather plumes...

I am using wool batting...

my favorite for bed quilts.

Wool batting also shows off the quilting !

The first row of quilting is complete...

Three more rows to go and then the border.

I am using a quilt suspension system 

to support this heavy quilt.

Patsy Thompson has designed 

a suspension system that works great with 

sit down long arms:

I use one of these on my Bernina machine.

After feeding cattle each morning,

I try and slip into the Thread Shed

for a few hours of machine quilting...

Hoping to have this completed in a week or so.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. You are doing a beautiful job on your dresdens. Thanks for showing your progress and the machine on the table. I have a sitdown as well. I like to see how others are using theirs. Mine has the standard orientation like a sewing machine though.

  2. Many thanks for your comments Pamela. I machine quilting on my Bernina with a 7 inch throat space for many years. The sit down long arm makes quilting so much more fun and enjoyable, especially when stitching a 100 inch quilt.

    Wishing you many happy hours of quilting,

  3. Love the design you are doing on the dresden plates. Trying to figure out what to quilt can be harder than actually doing the quilting.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right ! Sometimes I think I have all of the quilting figured out, but when I sit down to actually quilt it out.....I do something completely different. I can never trust myself.

      Happy Holidays,