Thursday, February 22, 2018

Morning Chores...

This is what greets me each morning

out @ our little red barn...

Nanny Goats and Nanny Kids...

I begin and end each day with these sweeties!

After the goats are fed,

We load up the hay wagon and 

feed 57 head of yearling cattle:

They eat 600 lbs of hay each morning.

Then we head across the river to the cow barns:

The first thing we do is walk through the barn to

check on the 50 pregnant cows...

and look for any new baby calves.

Then we head down to the lower barn

to check on the replacement heifers:

This is my favorite heifer, Golden Girl

This is Golden Girl....2 years ago:

She will be having her first baby in a few months.

Enjoy the Video @ the Cow Barns:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Your farm is such a beautiful green - so different from our farm in eastern Washington! Only our irrigated fields are green, the rest is a beautiful sage brush and brown! So many animals depend on you for everything and greet you daily as though you were the center of their world...until the food comes, right?! Golden Girl is still a beauty...I'm so glad you kept her and I hope the birth of her calf is easy for her. Your goats are the best way to start and end each day with their sweet faces. Looking forward to pictures of the snow tomorrow and many a video of the birth of a calf???!!!

  2. Hope the little one did nurse and you got to see it! Seems like calving was just occuring fro last year!!! Times sure flies!!

  3. What a great way to start my day by seeing what greets you. Thank you! Adorable goat nannies, the happy, anticipation on the faces of the yearlings, cows and heifers. :) A LOT of work for you all and you take the time to send these photos and the video, thank you! May the new boy be nursing now. :)
    Have a marvelous Friday and weekend.

    ~ Christina in SW FL