Saturday, February 24, 2018

Buttons....Wine Glass Charms

A couple weeks ago I sorted my buttons...

Here they are on the jewelry table...

ready to play!

Here is my first button creations:

Wine Glass Charms...

2 sets of Wine Glass Charms!

Yes, these were FUN!

Go Make Some...

Below is a video of the yearling cattle.

They crossed the river below the house to eat

the grass along the river bank.

It was going to rain, the river will rise

and they will be stranded on the opposite side,

so we had to herd them back over to our side:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. You and hubby are such responsible farmers!! Kudo's to you cute to see them cross over to the other side! HA

    And your button wine charms are adorable...who knew! Not me!

  2. I noticed the bottle calves were not in the naughty group!! How fun the yearlings are! You take such good care of your livestock. Your wine glass charms are adorable...I think I need to make a few hundred of them for our hospital's wine tasting and auction!!

  3. WOW, you did a whole lot of sorting, congratulations! And the wine glass charms are adorably useful. :)
    The yearling cattle are so cute with how cautious they are crossing the cold river water and then bounding up the bank in glee. :)
    Have a marvelous Sunday!
    ~ Christina in SW FL