Friday, March 24, 2017

Wild Vine ....Tutorial

I am working in my sketch book tonight.

I grabbed the camera and snapped a few

in process sketches...

you can follow along if you like:

When I am working on fabric,

I chalk out the spine of the vine...

I stitch both sides of the vine at the same time...

I begin with a swirl on the left side.

I add a long, narrow leaf on the left side.

I add a leaf on the right side.

A add a large leaf on the left side.

I add a large leaf on the right side.

I alternated sides 

as there is room to add more leaves...

I add a curled plume to the right side.

I add a large leaf to the left side.

I add a long narrow leaf to the right side.

You get the idea...

continue adding leaves to each side...

Add a curled plume to add interest...

bend and curl the leaves over each other...

continue filling the vine in 

as you move upward...

You get into a rhythm as you add leaves

to the right and to the left side...

Be sure to maintain the curve of the spine...

if you don't, your vine will loose it's shape.

Your wild vine is done!

You can also add veins to the leaves as you go.

No two wild vines look the same...

Each wild vine has its' own personality...

You can stitch a cross hatch checkerboard 

in the background...

You can stitch an orange peel 

in the background...

You can overlap and create Tangled Vines...

Draw a curvy spine and create a Rolling Vine...

Keep drawing out Wild Vines...

then stitch them onto a fabric sandwich.....FUN!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. LuAnn - just a note to thank you so very much for all the quilting motifs you have shared with us. I absolutely LOVE the step by step process, as I can see exactly how each part was done. Of course *my* steps aren't as pretty as yours ... yet. :-)

    I appreciate all the *time* it took to take those step by step photos and then compose the blog to go with them.

    Thank you! You make it look so easy. :-)

  2. That was so informative and beautiful. I think I can do that! thank you, thank you

  3. Thanks for the step by step process. I found that if I scrolled through your post really fast I could see the wild vine grow. Kind of fun.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the process.

  5. WOW! Who knew to draw/stitch both sides at once!!!! You did!!! What a great tip! Can't wait to try this! Your work is always wonderful and so exciting to see it put into steps to help us! THANKS!!!!!

  6. Dive right in and give this a try. Sketch one out each a week you will see such an improvement in your drawing, plus you will have it muscle memorized and be able to go to the machine and stitch it out. On fabric I chalk out the stem line, I don't stitch out the stem line...less thread build up that way. I just stitch out the leaves onto the chalk line.
    Have FUN,

  7. Love this design!! Sometimes I do my feathers that way (if I use a single stem) and now I'm going to incorporate your vines with my feathers and have fun!! You really know how to make me miss my longarm!!! Sure appreciate you sharing your designs with us - I do save your pictures for inspiration!