Friday, January 20, 2017

Machine Quilting......Frayed Edge Quilt

I spent the day doing what I love to do...

Free Motion.......Machine Quilting

This quilt was created by:

It is one of the many comfort quilts they 

create  each year and gift 

to members of their community.

I have quilted a few of these frayed edge

quilts over the years...

You need to leave the raw edges 

of the hearts free,

no stitching over the edges of the heart shapes,

they need to fray up when they are 

washed and dried.

This close up view shows the edges

of the heart shapes...

I stitch about a half inch in from the edges.

The background requires very dense quilting...

I stitched tiny loop d loops.

I stitched curls on the dark blue

inner border...

Not much will show in the yellow floral border

so I stitched random plume shapes.

After 6 hours of quilting...

This Frayed Edge Heart Quilt is ready to

hand off to the next quilter for binding.

Then it will be washed and dried 3 times...

it will fray and shrink up and get oh, so yummy!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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