Friday, December 23, 2016

Marbling Fabric...

Today is Marbling Fabric Day...

I am using the Jacquard Marbling Kit

 There is lots of prep work to marble fabric:

You need to wash and dry your fabric.

You need to cut your fabric to fit the pan.

You need to pre-soak your fabric in alum...

You need to hang dry your alum soaked fabric.

I did all of this prep-work last week.

 I mixed up the carrageenan water 

and allowed it to rest in the frig for a few days:

Here is my set up in the 

laundry room @ the Palace:

Alum soaked fabric on right

Paints in squirt bottles

Carrageenan water in 12 x 18 inch pan

Marbled fabrics will be stacked on the left

(Paper is layered between the marbled fabrics)

The Jacquard Marbling kit 

comes with the paints pre-mixed.

I added Gall to help the paints spread 

across the carrageenan water.

I mixed a few of my own colors 

from the basic colors in the kit.

Here goes...

This is what the paint looks like floating 

in the pan of carrageenan.

I put gray paint down first,

added black paint,

added light purple,

then dark purple

I prefer an organic look 

so I did not comb the paints.

In this photo the fabric is laying on top 

of the paints in the pan...

This is the print on the fabric.

I am in love!

Adding blue and red paints to the pan...

Gray and Black Paint only...

Black Paint spreads very fast...

Light blue and dark blue paint added.

Purple and Blue paints.

Here are a few colors I mixed myself 

floating in the pan:

Gray, Orange, Pink with yellow

Here is the print on fabric.

This time I put a drop of paint in the center...

each drop pushed the previous drop away...

It just gets bigger and bigger 

with each drop of paint added.

Here is the print on fabric.

Your carrageenan water and your paints

all need to be at room temperature 

when you begin printing.

You need to add Gall to help the paints spread.

You need to have your papers ready so you can

stack the fabric prints on top of one another

with a sheet of paper in between.

Once the prep work is done...

you can print all day long!

I put black paint down first,

then I quickly squirted blue paint 

all over the top,

before it could spread, 

I put the fabric on and printed it.

I put light purple and dark purple paint on first,

then quickly squirted light blue on top,

then very quickly put the fabric on 

before it spreads.

I did the same thing with black and green paints.

I did the same thing with purple and blue paints.

You need to work quickly, but I do like this look.

This time I marbled on white fabric...

I plan to use some of my hand dyes

to marble on next time around!

I marbled fabric for 4 hours 

and made 34 prints...

I left the marbled prints stacked with paper 

in between

until I was done marbling...

then I washed them all out in the sink

and hung them to dry on the rack.

I will heat set them next week...

and they will be ready to use!

Next time I marble I plan to try 

Jo Fitsell's technique.

I purchased this DVD from Interweave 

2 weeks ago for $5.

I have watched it twice 

and I am ready to give it a try!

More to Come...

Want to learn more about marbling?

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. LuAnn, You better be careful or you will get addicted to marbling!! Wonderful prints. Don't forget to take some of those and over marble. I even overmarbled twice for some even neater pieces. And of course, marbling over previously dyed fabric turns out great. Love you little rack!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHH Wow! Those are really cool and looks like lots of fun. I have not done any fabric dyeing in a few years and would love to try some marbling sometime. Unfortunately all of my fabric hobby items including my longarm are in storage for a few months and I will just have to live vicariously thru others for a few months till we move...........sigh! Once I get somewhere I want to get some white fabric and dye some fabric again.

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  4. The pan looks like the perfect size for fat quarters...may I ask where you purchased it?
    I've never marbled before, but it looks like so much fun I just purchased the DVD.

  5. Some very impressive results; really like the intestine looking ones. Looks like you had a ball doing it.