Monday, December 12, 2016

Hand Piecing.....Vintage Train Cases

How much do we love these 

vintage train cases...

I have just the perfect use for them...

I store my hand piecing projects in them...

They travel along with me wherever I go...

Everything I need 

is tucked away in this train case...

This case stores my mini dresden plate project.

I am paper piecing these.

I sew a lot while traveling...

I always wear a wrist pincushion and

scissors on a lanyard hooked to my shirt.

Mobile Quilting!

Yes, another vintage train case:

The Samsonite brand are some of my favorites!

How yummy is this 1970's avacado green!

The trays inside these train cases help keep all 

my hand piecing notions organized 

and accessible...

There is also room under the tray 

for my project storage.

This is an apple core quilt top 

I am currently piecing.

Because these train cases travel everywhere I go,

I get lots of hand piecing done along the way.

Again, each case has a wrist pincushion 

and clip-on scissors.

This is my newest train case...

a gift from the Cowboy:

How beautiful is this soft yellow case...

Just looking inside.....makes me happy!

I am using paper pieces 

to create a hexagon quilt top.

Check out the size of these HUGE hexagons!

To baste these big hexagons...

I baste them with washable great!

I am using Marcia Derse fabrics 

for this hexy quilt...

Hand Stitching on back side of quilt top...

Believe it or not...

I have only been working on this for a month.

I traveled a lot in November!

At this point, it is 6 feet square...

I think I will add a final border treatment.

As always, each train case has a 

wrist pincushion and scissor leash.

We have several pick up trucks, so each one is 

equipped with a train case, so no matter which 

vehicle we take to town...

I am ready to do some hand stitching!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. What a neat collection of train cases and lovely projects. I especially like the apple core quilt in Kaffe fabrics.

  2. I never thought to use my Samsonite train case for my sewing projects! I have one in Wild Strawberry which is very pink. Have you ever seen that color? I have a matching suitcase and carry on bag. They were a wedding gift from my now x husband. I may have to put the train case to use! Thanks for the inspiration! If you would like to see my Wild Strawberry case, shoot me an email at pattynubs at gmail dot com and I will send you a picture of it.

  3. Love all those cases, I have one with art supplies. I'm amazed by your hand piecing. Particularly like the apple core.

  4. The Samsonite train cases brought back such a rush of memories! My mom had one in blue. (Everything she and my dad owned was blue whenever possible!) I wish I had her case now!
    You are so organized. I have to take some lessons from you!

  5. Love your projects and looks like those train cases are perfect to carry them. I have a vague recollection of having one in avocado color from my childhood days...................I think it was my mother's but I it is long gone. Will have to keep an eye out for those in thrift shops! I always have my portable projects in plastic or some sort of bag which do not hold near as much.