Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bright Batik Hexagons........Progress

Bright Batik Hexagons

These are 3 inch 

English Paper Pieced Hexagons.

The 3 inch measurement refers to the length of 

one side of the 6 sided hexagon, 

not the overall size.

I thought I would share my progress:

These extra large hexagons 

go together super fast!

I am really enjoying these gorgeous 

jewel tone fabrics.

They make me happy just looking at 

and handling them.

This is the back side of the quilt top:

I use generous half inch seam allowances 

with these extra large hexagons...

it is easier to handle them with the larger seam.

 I get asked this question a lot:

When do you remove the papers?

The papers do not get removed until... 

the hexagon has been pieced on all 6 sides,

like the one in the center of this image.

I pull back the seam allowances to release the 

basting glue....then I pull out the paper.

I use a purple Elmer's washable glue stick.

I used to baste with needle and thread...

after thousands of hexagons, I have learned

that glue basting is the way to go...

much faster and also easier.

These have not been pressed with an iron yet...

the seam allowances lay down so beautifully.

Many of the blog readers have expressed an interested in starting a hexagon quilt...

don't delay.....

start now when you are inspired to do so!

Hint.....start with the extra large hexagons.

They are easy to handle, piece together quickly 

and you can finish them in your lifetime!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. All the colors in this hexie quilt are making me smile.

    Do you make your own paper pieces by printing them and cutting them out? I bought a few bags of the pieces at a quilt shop although they're small ones that I planned on trying out for making a table runner. For the afghan size I want to make I definitely want to use a bigger size. Just wondering if I should buy more or possibly just make them myself.

    You are such an inspiration in quilting and fun projects. I first found your blog a number of years ago through my good, now gone, friend Janette M who used to go to your permission to play days.

  2. Hi Cindie, (you are a no-reply blogger so I was unable to reply to your email. I will answer you here(
    Good to hear from you. I purchase my english paper pieces at you can also cut your own if you are ambitious. There are hexagon templates on the market so you can rotary cut your fabrics. I layer my fabrics 4 to 6 layers deep and cut out the hexagons, much quicker than one at a time. I travel with my quilt so I cut out the fabric hexagons with a pair of sharp scissors as I need them. We miss Janette in our P2P classes, she was a treasure for sure.
    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  3. Thank you LuAnn. Will have to figure out why I'm a no-reply blogger. Thank you for the link for the paper pieces - I bought the smaller size when up in the Portland area at Fabric Depot earlier this year. As soon as I finish up some other holiday things I'm going to look at my fabric stash to pick out hexxie fabrics.

    You've also inspired me to make a pancake quilt for a niece's graduation this spring. I've got the template, all fabrics picked up at Fabric Depot this year (very few fabric shops here in So OR) and thin batting ready to go after the holidays.

  4. Love the colors of this project!!! Just great! I too used to hand baste the hex's but picked up the glue method too! Works great even for the smaller hex's. And a tad quicker making them and removing the papers (& no threads!). Happy holidays!

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but when you say you are glue basting how do you do that?? Are you putting a line of glue on the seam allowances that go together? Do you mark a dot for the 1/4" stopping point at the end?
    Thanks for the info.
    Smashing colors for a grey winter day!

  6. Amazing. Fantastic. Definitely inspired. Thank you

  7. The colors are glorious! I just love the jewel toned batiks! And...I have to thank you for the gentle shove in the right direction! I have started my quilt project with my jewel toned batiks! (Not much cutting to do on this one. I bought charm packs and a couple of Jelly roll juniors I'm already sewing everything together!)