Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fantasy Fish....2

I put another fish together today...

Gotta LUV lime green and purple!

It's time to audition him on background fabrics:

I am working with striped fabrics...

there are lots of options where you can position the fish.

You can swim the fish around across the striped fabric

and get different looks...

Let's try out the new fish on backgrounds:

Background 1

The top fin is resting on blue the bottom fin on pink

Background 2

This is the same fabric, this time the top fin is on pink

the bottom find on green

Background 3

The same fabric, the fish is swimming across the stripes...

the fish face is on blue

Background 4

The same fabric, the fish face is on pink.

I was able to audition the fish 4 different ways

on the same fabric.

Let's try a green and blue striped background:

Background 5

The fish is swimming across horizontal stripes

Background 6

The fish is swimming across vertical stripes this time.

Same fabric, 2 different orientations to audition.

Background 7

I was able to position the fish 8 different ways on this fabric...

Top fin is on orange and yellow

Background 8

Same fabric:  Top fin on blue, bottom find on orange

Background 9

This time is just slid him down on the fabric and I like this better.

Background 10

Top fin on pink, bottom fin on blue

Background 12

Still the same fabric, but the fish is swimming horizontally

with the stripes...

Background 13

Same fabric, the fish face is on blue, tail on orange

Background 14

Same fabric, fish face on orange, tail on blue

Background 16

Yes, same fabric...

Face on blue, tail on red

I was able to audition the fish 8 ways on this fabric.

 Let's try a new fabric:

Background 17

This fabric is similar in color but has a busier stripe.

Top fin on green

Background 18

Top fin on Red, bottom fin on orange

Background 19

Top fin on orange, bottom fin on green

Background 20

Both top and bottom fins on red

Background 21

Same fabric, but turned so the stripes are vertical.

This has more energy with a vertical stripe 

vs a horizontal orientation.

 Let's try a new fabric:

Background 22

I like orange and purple together.

The fish is swimming with horizontal stripes.

Background 23

Top fin is in brown, bottom fin is in orange

Background 24

The stripe is vertical now.

Let's try a new fabric:

Background 25

I like the fish on green.

The background stripe is vertical

Background 26

The background stripe is horizontal

Let's try a new fabric:

Background 27

Background stripe is vertical.

Fish Face and Tail are on orange.

Background 28

Fish Face is on yellow, tail on orange

Background 29

The background stripe runs horizontal.

 Let's try a new fabric:

Background 30

Background stripe is horizontal.

Bottom fin is on yellow and orange.

Background 31

Bottom fin is on yellow and green

Background 32

The background stripe is vertical.

Fish lips are on orange.

Background 33

The fish face and tail are on blue.

Background 34

Let's try one last fabric:

Background 35

Background stripe is horizontal.

Face and Tail on pink.

Background 36

Background stripe is vertical.

Fish body is on pink.

Background 37

Fish body is on blue.

It was entertaining letting this fish swim all over

these fabrics!

More Fish to Come...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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claudia said...

I liked the fish the best on the vertical green. It really popped and looked like it was swimming in kelp! What fun you seemed to be having putting that fish through all the different colors and dye patterns. You have such energy!!!