Friday, February 21, 2014

Hexagon Baby Quilt.......Top Done

For the last month this little baby quilt top 

has been a constant companion...

It has traveled with me...

I have been hand piecing everywhere I go.

94 Hexagons later...

it is ready for a border.

I chose lavender for the border:

I wanted straight edges, so I pieced in

half hexagons along the top and bottom...

I pieced in half diamonds along the sides...

Then I added a 3 inch border of lavender fabric.

I have plenty of yellow leftover for the binding...

I pawed through the fabric cupboard 

and found pieces of flannel 

that I seamed up for the back side...

I plan to machine quilt a 

Clam Shell/Baptist Fan pattern.

Since this is a traditional style quilt, I thought

I would keep the quilting traditional as well.

Why machine quilt a hand pieced quilt?

* I create too many quilts to get them all

hand quilted in my lifetime.

* Hand Quilting irritates my carpal tunnel.

*  A baby quilt will hold up better with

machine quilting vs hand quilting.

Baby Hexagon Quilt Top...

It is all spray basted and ready 

to go under the needle

of the Sweet Sixteen......very soon!

More to Come~

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


Dolores said...

It's a lovely baby quilt. I do find it strange though, that people will hand piece hexagons but they machine quilt it then. Even gorgeous hand appliqued quilts are machine quilted.

Anonymous said...

Lavender is the perfect nostalgic choice!!!! This appears to have been pieced years ago!!!!! Love it!! The Baptist Fans will certainly continue the 'feel'.......hugs.........

LuAnn Kessi said...

Many Thanks for your kind comments on the baby quilt. For years I hand quilted all of my quilts, but those days are gone for me. I make so many quilts that I need to machine quilt them to get them all done in my lifetime!~ Machine Quilting has also be come an art form for me that I so enjoy. Hand Quilting also irritates my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
My Best To You,

Lynda said...

I am not a hexi kind of gal, but I love this quilt - just right for a baby girl

Grit said...

This baby quilt is really wonderful.
Grit from Germany