Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Dyeing.....Part 1

I just couldn't let all of this SNOW go to waste...

I invited Kathi over for a Snow Dyeing Play Day...

We are using the kitchen for a Wet Studio:

Here we go...

Fabrics are soaking in soda ash in the buckets:

The dyes are pre-mixed:
2 Tbsp to 8 ounces water

3 yards of fabric under all of that snow:

We squirted the dye on top of the snow

I placed the dyes in strips of color in this container

I swirled the fabric in a circle then placed the snow on top:

I placed the dyes in a circle pattern on the snow

I have never done snow dyeing before...
so I am shooting from the hip today.

Kathi is loading snow into a rectangle container...

Kathi is making a little snow pie in this round container.

All of the containers have metal grates or screens on the bottom
so the fabric doesn't sit in the melted snow.

Turquoise and Deep Purple Dyes

Lemon Yellow, Scarlet Red & Orange Dyes

Orange, Chartreuse & Scarlet Red Dyes

Last one of the day....
I wanted to do more, but ran out of containers & grates.

22 pans full of fabric, snow and dyes:

22 yards of fabric and 2 t-shirts snow dyeing

That was FUN !

A few hours later...

The snow is melting...

The dyed fabric is peeking through...

It will batch for 24 hours before I rinse it out.

This is what the kitchen looks like:

It is much more fun getting everything out to play...
than it is to put everything back away.

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There is so much already posted on line about Snow Dyeing, so I am not including a tutorial. Google....Snow Dyeing....lots of info out there.

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Snow,
LuAnn Kessi


Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Can't wait to see the finished fabric! COOL! Literally!

Lisa in Penna said...

Yay, snow! Isn't that 24 hour wait a stinker? If there's no color to speak of left in the ice, it's OK to dump it. Lisa

Sally Knight said...

Thank you so much for posting all these great photos. I'm excited to see the results -- even while still wet! We live too close to the coast to get snow, so this is the very rare case when I envy your snow.

Anonymous said...

Waiting impatiently to see the how your snow dyeing turned out! Looks so fun. Belinda