Thursday, July 7, 2011

July is off and running.....

The rain in Western Oregon has finally ceased
and we can begin working in the hay fields

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Unfortunately, this is an image from last year...

We are not this far along in the hay making process.

No sooner did Brad begin mowing hay and the tractor broke down.

After several attempts at repairing the tractor, it is still
out of commission.

This actually goes hand in hand with farm work.
Break downs are somewhat expected.
You deal with them and then move on.

We made a trip into the valley yesterday to pick up a
different tractor that was dropped off for repair work last month.

On the way home our pick up broke down
with the tractor in tow.
We finally made it home by 8pm.

Brad is working on the hay rake today in hopes of
getting some tractor work done in the hay field.
Things are looking up...

I am happy to report that I have prepared 3 dozen
Permission 2 Play
quilts for exhibit in August:

The P2P members have been having great fun completing
their exhibit quilts and getting them to me so they can be
included in the exhibit in August at:
Samaritan Region Cancer Center
Corvallis, Oregon
(located near Good Samaritan Hospital)

This quilt exhibit is part of Quilt County.
Quilt County is a Benton County wide quilt show with more than
30 venues who display quilts in August & September of 2011.

CLICK HERE to find out about Quilt county

CLICK HERE to find out about Permission 2 Play

Our son is leaving soon for an internship 1,500 miles away.
We wish him well on this journey.
I am excited and anxious for him all at the same time!

However, I know that time spent in the Thread Shed
will relax me and help me through this time in our lives.

I am also preparing for a Trunk Show:
July, 28, 2011
The Mary's River Quilt Guild
in Philomath, Oregon

I have chosen the quilts to include in the show,
and I am finalizing my lecture notes today.

I am confident the Kessi Farms Hay Makers
will be back in business soon...
It won't be long before all of the barns are stuffed full of hay
for the winter.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


upstateLisa said...

A busy week at your house! 1500 miles is a long way from home! I esp like your coneflower quilt.

vivian said...

I always love looking at your pictures-such beautiful country! Best wishes to your son on his new adventure!

Lynne said...

All the best to your son as he takes this new and exciting opportunity.

I particularly love that flower quilt - gorgeous!