Monday, July 11, 2011

Thermofax Printing on Shirts...

This note has been hanging around for weeks.

I decided to pay attention to it today...

Click Images to Enlarge:

I am in need of work shirts for when I am using
textile paints.
Something to cover up and keep me clean.

I thought it would be fun to decorate my work shirts...

Thermofax Printing came to mind.

Versatex Screen printing Inks

I prefer Versatex over Speedball.
Versatex are a bit thicker and hang on the scraper better.

This shirt came home from the thrift store with me
last week...

3 layers of thermofax designs printed so far...

This shirt is ready for fun!

I have had this work shirt for awhile,
but thought it could use some printing too.

Pink Coneflowers & Black Birds

After I added orange's done.

I have worked in this shirt for years...
It is time to cover up all the paint stains.

Birds on a Wire is one of my newest screens.

This shirt is ready for fun!

3 shirts to wear...
Makes me want to put one on and do some more
textile painting!

View from the back:

The End

Speaking of Ends...

This Starling doesn't like Gunnr out playing in the yard.
It must have babies nearby somewhere.
When Gunnr is playing with his ball, the bird swoops down from the tree and pecks him on his fanny.
This has been going on for weeks!
Gunnr, of course, could care less, and doesn't even acknowledge the bird in any way.
He is so in love with his blue ball that nothing else matters...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. What fun! I'm thinking I should send some of *my* shirts to you! LOL! :)

  2. I love me. Paint me a tissue ?...: D

  3. I love your tekstil on the shirts - it is great fun :-)

  4. I love your photographs of Gunner. Your work is fantastic. I really enjoy reading your blog. Which camera do you use

  5. I use an SLR Digital Camera.
    It is a Nikon D5000

  6. Gunnr is like my Lucky, once there is a ball involved the rest of the world does not matter. Poor bird!
    Your shirts turned out really good. My fav is the last one. How do you find this product lasts with wear tear and well, washing?

  7. Heat Set the Versatex Inks with a hot iron and they will be permanent. The fabric remains soft and drapeable. The versatex does not change the hand of the fabric.

  8. Hi LuAnn
    Wow you are so creative and make amazing screenprints!
    I was wondering what the exact type of Thermofax machine you use to make your stencils?
    I'm about to buy one myself, but am not sure if the Thermofax 3M type is the best.
    I would really appreciate if you can help me out :-D
    Thanks so much for your time and keep creating beautifull items!
    Love Lotte (The Netherlands)

  9. I don't own a thermofax machine.
    However, I purchase thermofax screens custom made for me from Lynn Krawczyk
    My friends and I have placed several orders with Lynn and we find her incredibly helpful, offering her own screen designs as well as custom made from our images. Perhaps you could contact Lynn to find out what kind of thermofax machine she uses.
    Please Note: When you sign into blogger without an email address, I am unable to reply directly to you.
    Answering you in this comment section is my only alternative, and hope that you view it here.
    LuAnn in Oregon